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ZDP7207PZ Condenser Sensor Dryer

by Zanussi

Our Price: £ 299.00
Product Information
Full load capacity: 7.0 kg
Condenser dryer: the moisture is condensed into a water container, no outside ventilation required
The condenser tumbly dryer requires nothing more than a socket. The condenser tumble dryer has a closed air circuit. The moist air is cooled which releases condensed water. This is collected in the condensed water container or pumped away.

Sensor drying
The electronics in this dryer measure the humidity in the fabrics and end the drying when the remaining humidity is in line with the requested one.

Additional time controlled drying programs
Reverse tumble action loosens the clothes and prevents tangling and creasing
Delay start option
Indications for: Condenser, Delay start 3h, Delay start 6h, Delay start 9h, Fluff filter, Gentle, Long anticrease 90 min, Tank, Time dry 60 min
Condense tank position and capacity: Panel left, 4.66 l
Easy to clean fluff filter
Feet: 4 adjustable feet