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ZCV69350XA 60cm Electric Cooker

by Zanussi

Our Price: £ 499.00
Product Information
The Zanussi ZCV69350XA cooker provides a range of functions so you can cook a large variety of meals, and with two ovens, you値l have twice the space.

Electric hobs
Featuring four electric hobs, with power ranging from 1.2kW to 1.7kW. The flat ceramic top is easy to wipe clean once it's cooled down.

Catalytic lining
The oven lining absorbs the grease and oil generated by cooking, making cleaning easier and quicker than a traditional lining material.

Perfect timing
With the timer function, your food will be cooked for the precise time you have set, and when it is ready, you値l be alerted. This way, you can get on with other activities whilst your food is cooking without having to keep an eye on the clock.

Fast defrosting
To save you time, this oven features a defrosting function which will gently and quickly defrost frozen food so you can enjoy it in no time.

Larger capacity
With two ovens to use, you値l have plenty of space to cook larger meals and to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously. There痴 also more space in the 25% larger baking tray, great for when you池e cooking for family and friends.

H89.4-91.2 x W60 x D60.9cm

Also available in Black or White.