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NR-B53VW2 Fridge Freezer

by Panasonic

At present this product cannot be purchased via our website. Please contact us for purchasing information.
Product Information
The Panasonic NR-B53VW2 American Style fridge freezer boasts an excellent A++ rating for fast and efficient running, thanks to Panasonicís Inverter technology, U-Vacua vacuum insulation panel and Twin-Eco Cooling System.

The Inverter technology uses a system of sensors and microprocessors to select automatically from multiple possible power levels, allowing the fridge freezer to run on minimal power overnight and at times of low usage, thereby conserving valuable energy. Panasonicís U-Vacua vacuum insulation panel is an ultra-thin insulation sheet made from glass-fibre processed in a vacuum and with 20 times more insulation than traditional materials. In addition, the Twin-Eco Cooling System uses an EcoValve to close off the cooling circuit for the refrigerator when it is not needed, which always cools both the fridge and the freezer at the same time.
The NR-B53VW2 is as stylish on the inside as on the outside. Smart interior design ensures the maximum space available for grocery storage, including adjustable shelving, large storage compartments and an integrated wine rack. The NR-B53VW2 also features Panasonicís Vitamin-Safe compartment, a fruit and vegetable section with its own temperature control (from 0įC to 5įC) and high humidity setting, creating the ideal conditions for fruit and vegetable storage. The compartment even features two flashing LED lights to simulate the blue and green hues of sunlight, activating the natural defences in fruit and vegetables to prevent vitamin loss. Thanks to no frost technology you will never have to defrost this appliance for complete peace of mind and easy maintenance.
Additional features include Panasonicís Hygiene Active, a combination of technologies that protect against harmful bacteria. The system includes a combined lifetime air filter, air circulation and LED light system. Thanks to the ice/ water dispenser you can have water, ice cubes or crushed ice at just a single press on the LED display panel.
Panasonic refrigerators stand out from the rest, especially thanks to their low-noise operation. At just 38 dB, you will not even notice the NR-B53VW2 is there.