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CX7-2-35TM Stick Vacuum

by AEG

Our Price: £ 179.00
Product Information
Experience ultimate flexibility and functional design. Whether you need to clean a large area or a small spot thatís difficult to reach, Ergorapido does the job. The easily detachable hand unit allows for effortless cleaning of your kitchen table, furniture or your carís interior.

More power for longer with the high performance Lithium HD TurboPower battery, which runs twice as long as a nickel battery and is lighter and easier to handle. Simple to change and quick to recharge, the battery has up to 35 minutes runtime and the indicator will signal when it needs to be charged.

On top of 180į manoeuverability, CX7ís nozzle comes with DustSpotterô LED Lights for an expert cleaning experience. Make sure you donít miss anything by seeing exactly what and where youíre cleaning each time, even in the darkest places.

2 Year AEG Warranty!